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Posted by Magic Lantern Movies LLP on January 21, 2012
Goethe-Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi

The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach. It promotes knowledge of the German language abroad and foster international cultural cooperation. It conveys a comprehensive picture of Germany by providing information on Germany's cultural, social and political life. Through its network of Goethe-Institutes, Goethe Centres, cultural societies and reading rooms, alongside the examination and language learning centres, it performs the principal tasks of cultural and educational policy abroad. It works in partnership with public and private cultural bodies, the German federal states and municipalities, and the corporate sector.

India International Centre

Considered one of the country’s premier cultural institutions, the India International Centre is a non-government institution widely regarded as a place where statesmen, diplomats, policy makers, intellectuals, scientists, jurists, writers, artists and members of civil society meet to initiate the exchange of new ideas and knowledge in the spirit of international cooperation. Its purpose, stated in its charter, was ‘to promote understanding and amity between the different communities of the world’. In short, the Centre stands for a vision that looks at India as a place where it is possible to initiate dialogues in an atmosphere of amity and understanding. The Centre’s dedication to the values of liberal humanism is best reflected in its activities and calendar of events. These cover a wide range, from lectures, seminars, panel discussions, international and national conferences to a variety of cultural events of music, cinema, performing and visual arts, both classical and folk. Entry to these is not restricted to members as all its programmes are open to the wider public of the city.

KHOJ International Artists' Association

From KHOJ's modest beginnings in 1997 as an annual workshop, it has built an international reputation for outstanding alternative arts incubation. It plays a central role in the development of experimental, interdisciplinary and critical contemporary art practice in India, constantly challenging the established thinking about art. With a focus on building networks, developing alternative pedagogies and learning through collaboration and exchange, Khoj programmes have nurtured vibrant imaginations and created unconventional synapses between art and disciplines such as science, architecture and fashion. Moreover, Khoj facilitates change by encouraging artists and audiences to engage with vital concerns such as ecology, sustainability and community participation.

Human Rights Film Network

The Human Rights Film Network is a partnership of human rights film festivals around the world. The Network promotes exchange, communication and collaboration regarding the representation of human rights issues in moving pictures. The Network was established in Prague on 18th April 2004. The Network coordinates its activities through e-mail and internet, regular meetings and special events. An assembly of member festivals meets periodically for decision-making and elects a board of coordinators to manage the Network’s activities. The Network recognizes regional sub-networks as partnerships of geographically close members. However each festival is represented in the festival independently and sub-networks can only be represented through the umbrella network.

Media for Change

Media for Change is a non-partisan, non-profit organization with a vision to bring together the globally dispersed tribe of mediamakers to share knowledge, know-how and experience required to help build a better world for the 21st century. Media for Change realizes the power of visual storytelling in creating a compelling case for positive change and aspires to work with communities and organizations to build better futures.

Latest Updates on Persistence Resistance

Films at Persistence Resistance win awards at MIFF 2014

Films at Persistence Resistance win awards at MIFF 2014
Invoking Justice, directed by Deepa Dhanraj, won the Golden Conch for the best documentary above 40 minutes at the recently concluded Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) 2014. The film on the exemplary courage and perseverance of women in Tamil Nadu to establish a women's Jamaat will be showing at 19:00 on Monday, 17 February at the India International Centre. ...Films at Persistence Resistance win awards at MIFF 2014

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