To Let

Director: Spandan Banerjee
English (subtitled), 60 min, 2013, India
To Let
A still from To Let

Big cities are now primarily cities of migrants coming from corners of the country in search of livelihood and shelter. The character of cities over the years, has been tremendously redefined, incorporating an eclectic mix of cultural practices. Yet, in a city like Delhi, the divisive lines between the landlord and the tenant are very strong. It is a relationship of power, hierarchy and prejudice. The Film gets into the lives of a single man, an artist couple, a music band and the filmmaker himself as they try to understand what home means in the continuous cycle of migration and flux.

Producer: Public Service Broadcasting Trust, Overdose Films
Director: Spandan Banerjee
Camera: Desmond Roberts
Script: Rupleena Bose
Editing: Spandan Banerjee, Abhishek Batra, Manas Mittal
Sound: Shalini Agarwal
Music: Rahul Ram, Amit Kilam
  • Best Long Documentary, International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, 2013
Select Screenings:
  • Official Selection, New York Indian Film Festival, 2013
About the Director:

Spandan Banerjee is a National Award winning filmmaker. Born in Calcutta, Spandan studied at St. Xavier's College, Calcutta, India. His stint in art started early as a young cartoonist for The Statesman and Hindustan Times. In 2003, he quit McCann Erikson India as Creative Team Leader and started his own avant-garde film outfit from Delhi, Overdose Films Pvt. Ltd.

His films Beware Dogs, The Fiction and You Don't Belong (Special Jury, NFA 2011) and To-Let have travelled to film festivals all over the world. He is now setting up a film collective, Overdose Local, a platform to create an independent film scene in Delhi, a city with no defined film space. He directs, produces, edits, shoots, designs and draws. Not having learnt music, his special interest is in finding music through cinema.

Posted by Magic Lantern Movies LLP on February 2, 2014
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