Language of War

Director: R. V. Ramani
Multilingual, 51 min, 1996, India
A bilingual play based on the Mahabharata, on the dilemma of Arjuna – the rehearsals become performance.
Language of War
A still from Language of War

The film is based on the rehearsals of a bilingual play ‘Gita - An Imagery’, directed by H. Kanhaialal. The play, based on the Mahabharata war, in Tamil and Manipuri, portrays Arjuna, the protagonist in a dilemma - morality or duty. The filmmaker compares the struggle of Arjuna in the war, with that of the actors and the director of the play, struggling to seek an expression in regional language theatre. The rehearsals become performance.

Producer: R. V. Ramani
Director: R. V. Ramani
Camera: R. V. Ramani
Editing: Neha Sharma, R. V. Ramani
About the Director:

R. V. Ramani was born in 1957 and is based in Chennai. He graduated from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, in 1985, specializing in motion picture photography. He started making independent documentaries and short films from 1990.

With more than fifteen independent films to his credit, Ramani has established a unique style acclaimed in India and abroad. He considers all his works to be explorations into various facets of expression. Although Ramani strictly works on the plane of documentary, his films offer an experience of fiction.

Ramani's works have been shown in numerous international film festivals. His Retrospectives were presented at the Mumbai International Film Festival 2002, the Third Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, and DokumentART. Ramani has also worked on many films as a cinematographer. He also serves as faculty member with many institutions and regularly conducts documentary film workshops.

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